First "Show" a success

Well, it's been almost three months since I started the metals/jewelry making class and boy, have I been having fun!  I just love taking a slab of metal and transforming it into beautiful little ornaments and adornments - i.e; jewelry.

The Studio where I took my class, Harold Studio, had a Holiday Show on the 16th.  It was the first time that I actually had our jewelry displayed in public and it was great fun.  Space was limited, so I brought a sampling of our newest stuff.  It was a nice variety that highlighted our work, with something there for everyone.  I felt as though people spent a little more time at our display because of the variety that we had.

Beaded necklaces, sets, metal pendants, and silver/turquoise ring.

Bracelets, seasonal earrings, and necklaces with metal work pendants.

The whole she-bang! 

I'm working now to prepare for the Annual Lost Dutchman Days Arts & Craft Fair coming up in February.  So stay tuned for a sneak peak at what is in the works.

As always, your input and feedback is welcome.

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  1. In a few months you've really grown! I'll look for you at Dutchman Days. Best Wishes.