Riveted Geometric Pendants

I've had a Flickr account for years, but I just recently joined a jewelry artists group on Flickr called Four a Month (FAM). It's kind of a personal challenge group where you create "a four of a kind series using the same theme or supplies, or a collection of matching pieces" or a suite of matching jewelry.

So for my first FAM I created four pendants, each created with a silver disk, a copper triangle, and a brass square.  All elements were hand cut and textured and connected with hand made rivets.

Rock 'n Rolling Mill

The rolling mill has got to be one of the most exciting and intimidating pieces of equipment in a metalsmith's workshop.  You can plow through a lot of metal experimenting with different potential textures.  I still haven't figured out yet if it's an art or a science determining the amount of tension on the rollers in regard to the composition of the material getting smooshed.  Yes, I'm very scientific - not!

I've shared photos of my little "experiment" to give you an idea of the possibilities with this tool.