Fun times in Glendale, Arizona

I spent a good portion of the day today checking out a couple of physical selling sites in Glendale, Arizona.  This was a great lesson in scoping venues ahead of time, as the two could not have been any more different in both goods sold and audience attracted.

My first stop was the Public Market / Swap Meet at West Winds Drive-In Theater.  What a great way to spend a day - shopping for bargains.  I scored a nice oval file and a pair of tin snips for $5 total.  These will come in handy at the workbench!

The place was buzzing with yummy food smells, lively music from boom boxes, and even a climbing wall.  The crowds were so large at some booths that you had to wait to get in to see the goods.  I'm just not sure if it will be a good venue to sell finer handcrafted jewelry.  To be absolutely fair however, I have to admit that I only went up and down a couple of isles before I went into sensory overload and had to split.  It definitely had more of a "yard sale" feel than an "art sale" feel.  I'm sure I'll go back again, earlier in the day, but to shop not be a vendor.  Public admission is .75 per person, but it is worth that just to for the experience.  Check it out -

$5 score - snips and file.  Can never have enough tools!

My second stop was downtown Glendale for their "First Saturday" event.  This event is sponsored by the City of Glendale and is advertised on the City's website as follows:
"This event is in conjunction with the city’s Centerline project and is designed to bring artists to the downtown shops and restaurants while showcasing their creative work."

When I got out of my car, live music beckoned me from a courtyard and told me I had found the "event".  While this venue didn't have the crowds that the previous one did, it did have more of an inviting feel.  Maybe it was the lack of crowds, the live music, or the charming courtyard, or a combination of all three.  It was a much more intimate environment.  I spent a fair amount of time meeting and speaking with some very talented artists and left feeling inspired by their creativity.
Here are a couple of their online sites.  Enjoy and make them your "favorites"!
Jazzy Moonz - One of a kind musical instrument lamps -
Rescued Angels Studio - Unique metal jewelry -
My Sister's Art - Original fabric and fiber art / mixed media adornments -
Be sure to check out the next "First Saturday" event in Glendale on February 4th.

Around the corner from this venue is Mad Hatter's Antique Shop's Market.  I met a couple of other fine folks there that are just getting started or sell for fun. I chatted a looonnggg time with a fellow from Sun City West who collects and cuts rocks.  I hope to track him down after I hone my cab setting skills. 

I got this lovely slab of Mexican lace stone from a retired fellow who enjoys playing around with stones and fired glass.

As I wrap this up, I'm realizing that I prefer a lower key sales venue to a high traffic, high energy space because of the intimacy.  Art is intimate.  It touches you.  You feel a connection to it.  Sure I want people to buy my stuff.  But I want them to buy it because they are moved by it or it speaks to them, like I was moved and spoken to when I made it.  Ahhh.... it sounds so idealistic.  Maybe that's where the term "starving artist" originated.   

Until next time...stay inspired, stay hungry.      

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