I'm Donna and I am one of TuHu Bead.  Connie is the other.  We are "two who" bead.

We started making jewelry after Connie got some beads and charms as a gift.  While we both have done tons of crafts in our lives, neither on of us had ever explored beads and jewelry making.  We went down to the local bead shop and got some stringing wire, findings, and more beads and on obsession was born.  

These are some of the beads that Connie got as a gift. 

OUR FIRST PIECES - The start of something BIG
Our first necklaces.  I wear mine (left) regularly to remind myself of my beginnings.

Since those first days, we have grown our inventory and made some beautiful jewelry.  Connie has a fantastic eye for color and texture and keeps coming up with dazzling designs for necklaces, earrings, and ID lanyards.  I've migrated towards working with wire and metals and am currently enrolled in a metalsmithing class.  I just love cutting, pounding, and melting the metals.

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I am always posting new items.  As a matter of fact, I have a stash of new things to put up today.

Cheers - donna

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